Increase retention, revenue, and advocacy and lighten your team's workload.

We're an AI-powered platform: Save time, focus on customer success, and reap the benefits.


All your customers, in one place.

CSX offers a comprehensive dashboard (we call it the Hub) where you can effortlessly access your entire customer portfolio.

A crystal-clear overview of contracts, communication history, health indicators, and engagements.

Focus on what matters, customer outcomes.

Create a roadmap to success - CSX empowers you to zoom in on what truly matters by centralising customer outcomes.

Easily access customer profiles showcasing their desired outcomes and success plans.

Manage customer risks
Manage customer risks

Manage customer risks, easily.

Navigating customer risks shouldn't be a challenge. CSX platform simplifies risk management with the innovative "SITREP" update feature.

CSMs can categorise and contextualise risks, alongside actionable mitigation plans. With a single click, you ensure everyone's aligned on potential pitfalls and their solutions.

Manage contracts and opportunities with ease.

Capture all customer contracts and important details, such as price, terms and renewal dates.

Manage, and track opportunities, ensuring you never miss a chance to drive revenue growth.

Easy revenue management
Easy revenue management

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