Give your team the tools to succeed

You need your team to focus on value – CSX gives you all the tools you need to help your team deliver against what matters most to your customers – outcomes, experience and value.

Identify and Manage Customer Risks Effortlessly

Utilise CSX’s SITREP and task functionalities to proactively manage customer risks and ensure follow-up actions are efficiently tracked and completed.

Identify risks early

Focus on solutions

Collaborative workflow

Manage risks and create follow up actions with ease

Identify Outcomes

Track Progress

Deliver Results

Track and manage outcomes to help focus on adding value

Deliver on What Matters Most to Your Customers

Use CSX to identify, track, and achieve your customers’ desired outcomes, ensuring their satisfaction and loyalty.


Designed by CSMs and CS Leaders with outcomes in mind, discover the key features that make CSX simple and effective.

Seamless Integrations

Connect your CRM, Analytics tools and more for a unified view of your customers

Easy to use

A simple user interface built from the ground up with CSMs in mind

Success planning

Consistently deliver for your customers by creating mutual success plans

Outcome tracking

Capture and manage your customer outcomes, helping you to make success a guarantee

AI assistant

Leverage LLM’s to provide contextual insights and reporting, analyse your engagements and assist with managing customers

Simple automation

Easily trigger tasks, emails, success plans and more without the hassle, using our pre-built automation

Risk management

Specialist tools to help identify, manage and resolve risks

Revenue tracking

Tools to manage all your products, contracts and opportunities so you can focus on growth

Customer Portal

Choose to give customers access to their own portal, allowing them to collaborate on success plans and tasks

Ready to elevate your customer success strategy?

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